Come to discover our restaurant

🌟 Welcome to  Cassa Garba, an Oasis of Flavors in Imperia!
Discover culinary art like never before at the à la Carte Restaurant of Villa Giada Resort. 

We're here to invite you on an unprecedented culinary journey, where authentic flavors and exquisite dishes are undeniably the main characters.

🌌 Dreamy Location

Choose your ideal atmosphere between Veranda of Stars and the Panoramic Terrace. Cassa Garba is he perfect place for a gurmé dinner that satisfies not only your palate but also your spirit

🍰 Gurmì Sweets and Tiramisù

Finish your meal with our irresistible desserts and the Tiramisù Gurmì, in the "CassaGarba Original" variants. UAn explosion of sweetness and creativity that closes every meal with a special touch.

🌟 Cassa Garba
Authentic Flavor, the Perfect Location, a Unique Experience in Imperia!

Come to visit and discover the meaning of true culinary wellness. Our Restaurant à la Carte awaits you to transform every meal in a special occasion!

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🌅 Welcome to the Terrazza di Giada 
in Villa Giada Resort!

Suspended between sky and sea, we invite you to discover our enchanting "Terrazza di Giada"...
a corner of paradise where sunrise and sunset capture the heart of everyone who becomes fascinates.

🌿 An enchanting panorama...
At our Terrace, a breathtaking look opens towards Liguria, 
with its typical terracing, olive tree groves and and vineyards that paint the town with millenary traditions. 

This region, always known as "the golden valley"
gifts one of the most precious olive oils in the world..